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miami trip

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been a little behind in my blog updates. We took a trip to Miami earlier this month to visit family…

I loved spending time with my 7 month pregnant cousin (Jenine) and her adorable daughter Ellie:

…and with my Aunt Susan, who I adore:

Mazel Tov to Jenine & Lenny on their soon-to-be second daughter, as well as to my Aunt Susan & Uncle Joe on their gorgeous new apartment!



Unfortunately, there is no baby bump picture this week. And for those of you who are kind of enough to check in for weekly updates, my apologies for the delay these past two weeks. We were having some work done in our house these past 2 weeks, and that coupled with family & friends visiting for our 1st thanksgiving dinner threw me for a loop and I’ve gotten behind on the baby blog, among other things! But no worries, baby bump pictures will be back in action starting next week 🙂

With that said, we did have a rather worrisome end to this week. On 11/20, we went to the OBGYN for our 18 week appointment. This included a routine ultra-sound to ensure our baby is growing & developing on track, as well as confirm the sex of the baby. Since we opted for the early-gender detection ultra-sound at 15 weeks, we already knew the sex, but we were excited to have it double & triple confirmed! And indeed, baby Becher is still a GIRL!

The sex, however, soon became the least of our worries, as we learned that our baby has 2 choroid plexus cysts in her brain. Sounds scary, right? You can only imagine how fast the tears came flowing out of my eyes. We were then semi-reassured that everything should be OK, as the cysts are isolated, and ALL ELSE is perfectly fine in regards to growth & development. In these situations, when cysts are present, but are the only abnormality, they typically go away on their own by 23-28 weeks. Even though we were told everything should be okay, we still wanted to see a specialist ASAP.

Luckily, we were able to get an appointment within a few hours to see the same specialist (who we happen to really like!) that we had previously seen for our first trimester testing. The doctor was kind enough to see us late in the afternoon on the day before Thanksgiving so we wouldn’t spend the holiday weekend worrying. He performed a level 2 ultra-sound and confirmed that all aspects of our baby’s development are normal/excellent/perfect — but indeed there are 2 cysts in her brain. However, he assured us that these would dissolve on their own, and cause no issues to our baby since everything else is working as should be. He even pointed out how great it was that we could see our baby’s 5 fingers, because that’s a positive sign all is fine. (As oppose to a clinched fist, which could indicate a problem caused from the cysts). Even though our OBGYN told us everything would likely be okay, as well as my google research immediately done after our first appointment, my tears didn’t truly go away until the specialist promised that there isn’t anything to worry about. And while I can’t say 100% we are in the clear, since obviously anything can happen over the next 20 weeks, I’m trusting in the specialist because otherwise I will drive myself crazy.

On a final note, the specialist confirmed (for what now is the 3rd person to confirm) that baby Becher (who is now the size of a sweet potato) is a girl. Although after this week’s minor scare, our only hope is for a perfectly healthy baby – be it a boy or girl!



This week we received our test results for the 2nd trimester testing, which tests for spina bifida. All is well & tests results were normal! No spina bifida for baby becher 🙂 I also took an early gestational diabetes test (because my mom was pre-diabetic) which came back normal as well! No gestational diabetes for mommy becher 🙂


This week I celebrated my 28th birthday….the last of my birthdays before becoming a MOM! The celebration started over the weekend with a birthday date-night with Craig, followed by the next night with a mini-celebration over tacos & cheesecake with our best buds Cam & Scott who were in town visiting. My actual birthday was celebrated in Roanoke, as I had 2 jam-packed days of wedding planning for our bride getting married at the Center in the Square. Even though I was away from Craig (and my dogs!) on my birthday – I was able to celebrate it with my Dad & stepmom, Sheila!

I also managed to squeeze in a visit with 3 of my favorite Roanoke girls, all in 1 day! And I’m so excited that I can finally share that 1 of these ladies, Susan S., is also pregnant!!!! We’re due one week apart! AND my friend Lindsey M., here in Raleigh (but also from Roanoke), is ALSO pregnant and is due 2 weeks after me!! I always wanted to have a pregnant buddy, and it turns out that I have 2!!! So happy for both of these ladies!

On my way back from Virginia, I made a stop at the Tanger Outlets in Mebane, NC. I went a little crazy in the polo store with baby girl outfits, I just couldn’t resist. And as I checked out, the guy behind the counter commented, “I hope you got something for yourself too!” while he sorted through all of the baby girl clothes. I realized at that moment that even though ALL of the clothes were baby clothes, it felt JUST as if I were buying them for myself. I’m sure that if you are a mother, you understand what I mean. And with that, I smirked and responded “these are for my baby, which is better than buying something for myself!”

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday this week & a special thank you for the MANY thoughtful “baby” related birthday gifts!

The week ended with my 16-week prenatal visit which included drinking an ultra-sugary concoction for my gestational diabetes testing, results will be back next week.

Our little avocado’s heart-beat is chugging along at 156 bpm.

we are thrilled to be having a baby girl

Having a healthy baby is obviously most important, but we’re very happy that baby Becher is a girl! We’re excited about having a daughter for many reasons and there’s one reason in particular that is closest to my heart:

A few days before my mom died I was not aware that I was already pregnant, but I did hope for a baby in the very near future. I knew that my mom would soon pass away and that she would never meet her grandchildren. It hurt so much knowing that she was going to be robbed of the joy that comes with being a Grandmother and the chance to spoil her grandkids. I decided then to share with her the names that we had chosen if we were to have a baby girl and a baby boy, and I thought it would be special to write letters to them from their Grandma Jane. I would keep these letters in a safe place until the appropriate time to give to my kids(s). We started with the set of letters to her granddaughter; one for her 5th birthday, her bat-mitzvah, her 16th birthday, and her wedding. And even though the tears were flowing from my eyes as we wrote the letters, it was something that I felt was very special to do; not only for my kids but also for my mom. Sadly, my mom died before we were able to write the letters to her grandson. And as I’ve shared in my previous how we found out blog post, we learned that I was pregnant the day after my mom died. So as it turns out, when my mom and I wrote these letters to her granddaughter, I was actually pregnant with her. I would have been just as happy if baby Becher was a boy, but now that we know she is a girl, it makes everything even more special. I can’t wait to share with my daughter the first letter on her 5th birthday – one of the many milestones that my mom won’t physically be there for – but she will know from the letters just how much her Grandma Jane would have LOVED to be there and that she is watching over her from above.

Thank you to Heather Finnocchiaro of Bella Fino Photography  for the photos, taken just a few minutes after we found out the sex of our baby!

IT’S A …

baby Becher in 3D!

I found out a few weeks ago that it was possible to tell the sex of the baby earlier than normal (15 weeks versus 18 weeks) with a 3D/4D ultrasound.  For those of you not familiar with the technology, the 3D part is the still photo (which is seen below) and the 4D part is the video portion which we saw while we were getting our ultrasound.  I know there’s not a huge difference in waiting 18 weeks versus 15 weeks, but I couldn’t take it any longer.  I’m a planner, I needed to plan!! So yesterday, we went to Baby Bump 4D in Cary, NC and we not only found out the sex of our baby, but we got some cool 3D pictures.  This one is the most clear, and although it’s a little alien-gooey looking, it’s amazing to actually see our baby’s face!!  Pretty cute, if you ask me…but once again, I’m a little biased!






First, this week my heart goes out to everyone in New York and New Jersey (and elsewhere) that were in the path of super-storm Sandy.

Our friend from NYC, Mark Yeager, was visiting last weekend and his visit was extended by 4 days thanks to Sandy – but no complaints from our end! We had a fun week showing him around NC, and he was relived to not be caught up in the mess of the Lower East Side where his apartment.

This week ended on a very happy note, as we found out the sex of our baby (if you haven’t seen on Facebook yet, then stay tuned for the next post) and we also got to see baby Becher in 3d! Our little orange is moving non-stop but I still can’t feel a thing, hopefully soon though.  Check back to find out the sex & see some fun maternity pics…