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2/14/13 – 2/20/13

This week we went back to school…labor & delivery school, that is! We attended a 2-day weekend intense labor and delivery education class at the hospital where our baby will be born. The class covered just about everything from the few days leading up to going into labor through the few days following the delivery, as well as a tour of the maternity ward. While some of the class was repetitive of things I already knew, there was definitely a wealth of information that was new to me (and Craig). For example, we weren’t aware of the benefits to the baby that come along with waiting to cut the umbilical cord until the blood stops flowing (which takes about 5 minutes) versus cutting it within the first few seconds. Also, I was already aware of the many positions (thanks to the Business of Being Born documentary) that a woman can be in to work with gravity while delivering her baby versus the position typically portrayed for giving birth. However, I thought that I was limited to the flat on my back position because I plan on getting an epidural, but I learned in the class about alternative position options that work even with an epidural. Those are just two examples of the many things we learned over the weekend and hopefully some of them will come in handy when it’s game time!

notes from the nursery transformation

We’ve made some fun progress on baby Becher’s nursery….

the crib:

the bookcase:

the [black-out] shades:

Just a few more things and the nursery transformation will soon be completed…stay tuned!!


2/7/13 – 2/13/13

I can’t believe we’re at week 30! 10 weeks to go until our official due date, and only 7 weeks to go until baby Becher is full-term. She is now the size of a head of lettuce and weighing it at 3.2 pounds. Craig was out of the country this week for business, and so of-course I was nervous about something going wrong with the pregnancy or having another unexpected situation (ie: ER visit) this week, but luckily it was smooth sailing! I had my 30 week pre-natal appointment and my fundal height (or in layman’s terms, my stomach) is measuring in exactly where it’s supposed to be at 30 centimeters and baby’s heartbeat is thumping at a normal rate. I also learned that my gestational diabetes test results came back normal, so no worries on that end. And per the doctor’s instructions, we started looking into pediatricians in the area and scheduled appointments to meet with 3 different practices over the next few weeks. Check out some updates from the nursery transformation here.


1/31/13 – 2/6/13

Baby Becher is now the size of a large butternut squash and she’s weighing in at 3 pounds! I started counting her kicks this week, which is important for me track on a daily basis because movement is one of the best signs of a baby’s well-being. Within a two hour window, I should feel her move (kick, elbow, twist, turn, etc..) at least 10 times. Although this usually happens within the first 15 minutes, as she is constantly on the move!

My baby shower was this week (see pictures here), and it was incredibly special to be surrounded by my friends and family! Thank you to everyone who literally showered me with gifts for baby Becher, but most of all – thank you for showering me with so much love!!

And how fun is this shirt that Craig’s mom made for him?

baby shower love

I often reflect on here about not having my mom anymore and how sad I am that my daughter will never get to meet her Grandma Jane.  Some days are harder than others, but everyday I miss her and long for the love that only a mother can give. But this past Saturday, February 2nd – while surrounded by my friends, my family, and my mom’s friends – I was reminded of how much love is around me and how lucky I am to have such special people in my life.  Thank you to my step-mom for throwing me such a beautiful baby shower, giving me the best gift of all – joy in my heart!


fun with the soon-to-be grandparents

My dad and step-mom {soon-to-be baby Becher’s Grandpa and Nana) were in town last weekend for the Duke vs. Maryland basketball game.  Of course, Duke won!

Going to this game is an annual tradition for the two of us, as Craig is a Maryland alum and I’m a Duke alum. I do have to admit that it felt a little strange to be back on the Duke campus and also be pregnant!

After the game I casually asked my dad and step-mom if they would like to feel the baby kick. You would not believe how fast they jumped up and moved over to where I was on the couch to get their hands on my belly! I’m so happy that Craig captured this picture-perfect moment:

Craig’s mom and dad {soon-to-be baby Becher’s Grandma and Poppy} were in town this weekend for my baby shower.  In response to one of my previous blog posts where I mentioned that Craig was feeling a little left out of the pregnancy process, they decided to throw him a mini-shower the night before the real one.  The pictures speak for themselves, Craig was all smiles while opening gifts for his little baby girl! (on a side note: the photo timestamp is off by 1 month)

We had such an enjoyable past 2 weekends with the grandparents-to-be!


1/24/13 – 1/30/13

HELLO to the 3rd trimester! This week marks the beginning of the last trimester. We had our 28 week prenatal appointment which included my second glucose screening for gestational diabetes (results will be back next week) and an ultrasound to check on the choroid plexus cysts previously present in our baby’s brain during the 18 week check.  I’m VERY happy and VERY relieved to share the news that the cysts have disappeared! We also learned that baby Becher is no longer in a breached position. Trimester 3 is off to a good start!