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{early} morning smiles

For as long as I can remember, the snooze button has always been my best friend in the mornings. I always set my alarm for at least 1-2 hours before the actual time that I need to wake up —alarm goes snooze.sleep 15 minutes.alarm goes snooze.sleep 15 minutes……you get the point! I have never popped out of bed at the first sound of my alarm; that is until my alarm clock turned into early morning cooing and smiles.
It all starts about 5:40am, I wake up ON MY OWN (which I have NEVER in my life done before) and I patiently wait in bed until my “new” alarm goes off — sometimes it goes off at 6:05am, sometimes 6:40am, and even sometimes {as late as} 7:20am — and then this┬ámamma pops out of bed like it’s no ones business! No snooze button needed when I get to wakeup to {early} morning smiles from this little one:

life with Sadie {the first 50 days}

On April 12th, 2013, life as we knew it ended and life with Sadie Jane began. So many special moments, so many firsts, so many emotions…. all happening at lighting speed. And every week I’ve wanted to write a new blog post to document everything for Sadie to be able to look back on one day AND to continue sharing our journey into parenthood with our friends and family. But I quickly realized that wanting to update my blog was one thing; finding the time to do so was another. I did, however, manage to jot down daily notes to use as memory triggers for when I eventually found the time to update this blog — but when I finally did have some free time – I wanted to share what was happening in the moment.

But how could I possibly start documenting for the first time about life with Sadie at 4 weeks old, when there were so many memories from the weeks prior.. so many moments that I worried would be forgotten if I didn’t write about them..

And soon 4 weeks of blog catch up turned into 5 weeks…6 weeks…and now 7 weeks. I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m not going to have the chance in the near future to sit down for hours and write about our life with Sadie thus far, so I’m compacting it all into this one post – with very little details but lots of photos! And then FINALLY I will be able to cross off “update blog for past weeks” from my to-do list, and hopefully start posting more “in the moment” moving forward.


her arrival on April 12, 2013 at 4:20am (read more about it here)

Craig meeting Sadie for the first time, about 20 minutes after her arrival

Before I was put “under” – the last thing I remember being told was that I will wake up and have a baby. About 45 minutes later, I woke up and held my little girl for the first time.

Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila arrived soon after to meet their first granddaughter / grandchild

The first day in the hospital… footprints, first bath

Grandma Leslie and Poppy Steve arrived to meet their first granddaughter

Sadie Jane surrounded with love by her grandparents

Ready to go home!

Lilly watching over her new baby sister from day one

First pediatrician visit

First stroll around the neighborhood with our baby girl

First “manicure”

First weekly photo, 1 week old!

meeting Great Grammy Doris

First bath at home

First time in her pack and play, snug as a bug

Mommy love

Cuddling with her baby nurse, Gale

2 weeks old!

Daddy feeding Sadie for the first time (bottle was introduced with breast milk at 2 weeks)

Craig giving Sadie a bath for the first time

3 weeks old!

First time on the playmate for tummy time

First craft project — Mother’s Day gift for Sadie’s Grandma Leslie and Nana Sheila

Someone likes to cuddle with her Mommy

Starting to interact with her swing

Goodbye kiss from daddy before he leaves for first business trip since she arrived

Lilly “sitting” guard

First time wearing Sadie

My first mother’s day – very bittersweet

1 month old!

First time chilling in her baby bjorn – which has now become a morning ritual

5 weeks old!

6 weeks old!

Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visit

Memorial Day play-day with Bryant – just a few months before they were both in the womb (remember this post?), now they are baby buddies

My little “big” girl…loving her at this 7 week old stage (it’s true that it just gets better everyday!)

Sadie is ready for the summer!

My beautiful Sadie Jane


for my sadie jane..

Sadie, this blog is my gift to you. After your Grandma Jane went to Heaven, I found a picture of her when she was pregnant. This is the first time I had ever seen a picture of her with a baby belly and I was taken back by how incredibly beautiful and happy she looked. Your Grandma was glowing! I will always cherish this photo. And then there is my baby book, which she filled with memories and milestones from when I was a baby, written in her own words. I love reading about all of my firsts moments and I especially love reading about how my mom was feeling at the time. I am so incredibly grateful that she documented these memories for me to look back on. And so it is my hope that one day you will look back at all of the memories that I’ve documented for you, and that you will always know how much you are loved….beginning with when you were just a (+) mark on a stick; a positive sign of happiness when your mommy needed it most.