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{almost} 6 months old

Sadie means princess.

Sadie, you are my little {almost} 6 months old princess.

You love to watch The Giggle Bellies.   You Are MY Sunshine. Bumble Bee.  ABC superstar.  Colors of the Rainbow.  You name it, if it’s The Giggle Bellies, you love it!


You wear two piece PJs now, and mommy thinks you look cute-as-can-be!

You are teething, but find little relief from your teething ring 🙁

But even though you’re teething, you still love to giggle and smile!

You’ve figured out how to turn from your back onto your stomach and cool tricks like getting from this position…

to this position…

all on your own!

I can’t believe you are almost 6 months — we’ve almost spent half a year with our little princess!!!!

some thoughts on this beautiful day for my beautiful daughter

You are dressed in black and white miss Sadie (mommy’s favorite colors) but you are far from black & white, you are full of color!  You love to gab and jibber jabber; there’s hardly a moment when you’re not speaking baby language.  And your smile warms my heart each and every day.



My favorite part of the evening is our special time together after your bath.  I hold you in my arms and together we softly sway as I rock you to sleep.  You are usually asleep within 20 minutes, but I rock you for much longer, and I just watch you — my beautiful daughter.  It’s our time together — our special time — and I will cherish these {baby} moments as I know they won’t last forever.

And on that note, a special prayer for my Sadie Jane…

I hold you in my arms
And together we softly sway
As I rock you to sleep
And this is what I pray:

I pray for your safety
Your health and happiness, too
I ask God to wrap you in his love
In Everything You do

I pray you’ll never know
A single ounce of pain
That you carry no burden
And that you smile through the rain

I pray you have the will
To make all your dreams come true
And that you find success
In all you set out to do

I pray for your future
One that I hope is bright
And if you have the choice
To always do what’s right

I pray you have peace
And love inside your heart
Not just for yourself
But for those less fortunate than you are

I pray you grow into a person
Who values those you love
And that loyalty and honesty
Are not just things you speak of

I pray so many things for you
Because I love you so
You are a little piece of me
My heart and my soul


Sadie {month 5}

week 17:

week 18:

week 19:

5 months:

bathing baby beauty

Hard life this little bathing beauty has…she spent the day {or more like 1 hour} poolside!

butterfly footprints

This post if very belated {4 months!}….

If you’re feeling crafty – like I was this past Mother’s Day – and you have a little one at home, then considering making butterfly footprint art as a gift {what grandmother wouldn’t love this?!} or as a keepsake for yourself.

I did this with Sadie when she was 1 month old, but obviously it would work with any age child.

What you need:

  • washable canvas
  • toxic free acrylic washable paint
  • paint brushes
  • and last but not least, two adorable feet

The steps:

  1. put the paint colors you want to use on a plate or piece of cardboard
  2. use a brush to apply paint to the bottom of your child’s foot 
  3. gently press foot against canvas, pressing down each toe 
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 with other foot 
  5. add any embellishments that you desire to create butterfly shape  {I made mine very simple but be as creative as you can be!}
  6. enjoy your butterfly footprint artwork!




{almost} 5 months

My dear Sadie Jane… you are {almost} 5 months and you are quite the fussy baby these days!

But when you aren’t being Miss Fuss — you are sleeping through the night, napping twice a day, and starting to eat solids like a pro.

You LOVE to be carried around in your baby bjorn.

Your fingers….

…AND your toes…

…are always in your mouth….unless they are playing the piano!

You still could care less about your puppies, but they sure do love being around you.

You amaze me everyday and {almost} 5 months later and I still can’t believe how lucky I am that you are my daughter.