birth plan..what birth plan?

My little Sadie, she came into this world with a bang! I had a plan…a very detailed birth plan. This included specifics such as: my doula and Craig to be in the room for the labor/delivery, receiving an epidural, delaying the chord cutting until blood was done pulsing, Craig to cut the chord, skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth. We attended a 2-day labor class and learned all about the different stages of labor and how to help mommy (and daddy) relax through the pain. But what caused me the most anxiety as her due date approached was the unknown of how it would all unfold. Where would I be when my water broke? Would my water even break on it’s own? How would I know if the contractions were real? How bad would the traffic be driving to the hospital? How much pain would I be in? Would I really have to push her out of me? Would the epidural take away all the pain? The questions were endless and the unknown was scary; but at the time the unknown consisted of many “knowns” – we just weren’t sure which of these “known” unknowns would come to fruition. Silly us for thinking we knew it all!

Our birth plan changed on April 11th, as we found out at my 38 week prenatal visit that Sadie was breeched (butt down). Since I was so far along, it didn’t make sense to attempt to turn her, which was unlikely to be successful but very likely to be painful. At this point, we scheduled at c-section for April 19th, when she would be 39 weeks. We called our parents that evening and shared the news. I spent the rest of the night grappling with the notion that my vision of how my labor/delivery would now consist of a c-section. This left me with a whole new set of questions and a little bit of sadness as well. But at the same time, we still had a plan, a planned c-section. That would all change a few hours later! I went to bed that evening with the intention of calling my doula in the morning to let her know we wouldn’t need to use her services since only Craig would be allowed in the room for the c-section, for our planned c-section. And then it happened, shortly after 1:30am, my water broke! The rest of the story is best told by my Doula, who documented everything starting with my call to her at 2am. Below is what she wrote:

Stacy called at 2:00a.m. And said that the baby was breach (butt was presenting) and her water had just broke. She was concerned that it was an emergency situation, but I explained to her that the baby was not coming out quickly and that she had time to shower and get herself ready to go to the hospital. She called back to say that they were heading to the hospital and I met them at 3:10a.m. In triage. Stacy seemed fine at first, but began having more intense contractions. At approx. 3:40, her nurse Kelly drew her blood and gave her an IV. Stacy became hot and felt faint during that procedure so we placed a cold washcloth on her forehead to cool her down. Her contractions became very intense and Kelly noticed the baby’s heart rate dipped so she had her roll to her left side. Kelly checked her cervix and the cord was prolapsed. The babies heart rate dipped and Kelly kept her hand on the baby to keep her off the cord. They rushed her back and put her under general anesthesia and proceeded with an emergency cesarean. Craig was not able to go with her. At 4:25 Kelly came in and told us that the baby girl was born 4:20a.m. Mom and baby were doing fine. She also said that the baby looked just like her daddy! At 4:40, one of the other nurses came and got Craig and myself and took us to see little Sadie Jane. She weighed 7lb. 5oz. and 20inches and her apgars were 9 and 9.

I think I will forever be in shock from the experience, but even more-so, I know I will forever be grateful to my nurse Kelly for saving our baby’s life. So even though we missed the birth of our daughter (since I was asleep and Craig wasn’t allowed in the room) – we have her here with us, and that’s all that matters.

And I will never again write another birth plan!

getting wheeled into the hospital, when it was calm before the storm

meeting Sadie for the first time