almost 4 months old….some thoughts

Sadie you are just shy of 4 months old.
You are still such a newborn but you seem like such a big girl to your mommy. You love to suck your thumb and your fingers, and you sometimes do all that you can to get both of your hands into your mouth. To say you are always covered in saliva is an understatement. You love to be upright.
You no longer find comfort from the cradle hold; you don’t want to be rocked like a baby, you want to be held up like a big girl. You nap twice a day, but your nap time has a schedule of its own. You are little miss fussy when you don’t nap! You are still nursing, but you also have formula because you’re one hefty eater and mommy can’t keep up. Your smile melts my heart. You love the tickle monster (daddy) and you give him special giggles. You love your Gale, and mommy is so happy we have her to help. We have a special night time routine and mommy loves putting you to bed. And guess what? You now sleep “almost” through the night… if you consider 5am to be the morning! You love your swing, but only when it’s on the fastest setting. You could care less about your two puppies, but they like to sniff your toes. You have deep blue eyes, no clue where those came from, but let’s hope they stay. Your hair is always a mess, but you are still cute-as-can-be and I love you. love you. love you.
Sadie you are just shy of 4 months old, but to me you are nothing shy of perfect!