{almost} 6 months old

Sadie means princess.

Sadie, you are my little {almost} 6 months old princess.

You love to watch The Giggle Bellies.   You Are MY Sunshine. Bumble Bee.  ABC superstar.  Colors of the Rainbow.  You name it, if it’s The Giggle Bellies, you love it!


You wear two piece PJs now, and mommy thinks you look cute-as-can-be!

You are teething, but find little relief from your teething ring 🙁

But even though you’re teething, you still love to giggle and smile!

You’ve figured out how to turn from your back onto your stomach and cool tricks like getting from this position…

to this position…

all on your own!

I can’t believe you are almost 6 months — we’ve almost spent half a year with our little princess!!!!