{almost} 8 months old

My dear {almost} 8 months old sadie,

I’m a little behind on this post, but here’s what’s been going on in your life Sadie Jane —

I decided months ago that I wanted to dress you up as a toy poodle for halloween. I found the perfect costume for you to become our 3rd poodle… and you rocked it!

This month you started Gymboree class on Tuesday afternoons. You love it, especially when the bubbles come out…

You welcomed twin baby boy cousins {from afar}…

Mazel Tov to your Aunt Carly and Uncle Sean!

You understand “clap your hands” and you be a clappin’!

Sadie claps her hands! from stacy black on Vimeo.

If the above video does not play, you can view it by clicking this link: http://vimeo.com/80954095

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving..

AND your first Channukah!

It’s hard to believe this was one year ago. {click here}

You also battled your first cold this month…and you managed to pass it on to me. I guess I should get used to that happening from now on 🙂

I can’t believe you will be 8 months old TOMORROW! It just gets better everyday…!