our gale {baby nurse}

A few months before Sadie was due to arrive,  we traveled to NYC to meet with our soon-to-be baby nurse: Gale.  I wrote about our visit on my blog post: week 26…..

“We met with our baby nurse who will be coming from NYC {baby nurses don’t exist the same way in NC like they do in Manhattan, and believe it or not – it’s actually cheaper to have one come from NYC rather than hire one from an agency in NC!} Her name is Gale, and she’s originally from Trinidad. I loved when she asked us, “do you know anything about taking care of babies?”, in which we responded “no, not at all” and she excitedly responded “oh good, you’re the best kind, I can’t wait to teach you everything!” We. can’t. wait. either.”

Fast forward to today — Gale’s last day with us. I’m so sad. We’re all so sad!

Gale told us that she would teach us everything, and she lived up to that promise. I couldn’t imagine this past year without Gale in our lives. She truly has grown to be a member of our family, and even though she is leaving us, she will always be “our” Gale.

We love you Gale, thank you for everything….from Sadie’s first nights to her first steps, you’ve been there along the way with us. You will truly be missed.