our {not-so} beach vacation

While I was pregnant, Craig and I attended a charity event which had a raffle prize of a vacation at this beautiful NC beach house:

I never win anything, I mean NEVER, but guess who won the beach house trip? This {then} pregnant lady!

And so this past week, we “cashed-in” on my once in a lifetime win, along with Nana Sheila and Grandpa Mark, and headed to Topsail Island for what we thought would be 5 days of fun in the sun.

But thanks to the rainy summer we’ve been having here in NC, it turned into only 1 day of fun in the sun…



….which included Sadie’s first “feet in the ocean” experience…. [thanks Scott and Cam for the adorable water shoes!]

and 4 days of a {not-so} sunny beach vacation; but fun nonetheless!

We spent almost all of our time rocking and relaxing on the breezy back and front porches of the house, enjoying the views and the company.

But there’s only so much day-drinking and porch rocking that one can do on a beach-vacation-turned-{not-so}-beach-vacation; thank goodness we had Sadie there to keep us ALL entertained!

And don’t worry, Sadie had plenty of relaxation on her {not-so} beach vacation…