Happy 29th Birthday Craig

Happy Birthday to my better half.

Next year {for the big 30} you’ll get your pig roast party, this year you get a blog post : )

Thank you for being you.

Thank you not only for cooking our meals, but for accepting me for who I am in the kitchen- someone who knows how to order in!

Thank you for helping me to become more organized, over and over and over again.  I’ll get there one day.  But until then, thank you for still loving me and my messiness.

Several years ago, for your birthday, I gave you a gym membership for 6 months.  You went once.
I love that now you go to the gym all the time and you have found your passion in Krav Maga.  You have transformed your body and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a fit and attractive husband.

Thank you for being there during my pregnancy to massage every ache and pain.

In the hospital after Sadie was born, you were a rockstar.  And when we got home, you were SUPER dad as Gale called you.  Thank you for getting up with me at night to change Sadie before I fed her even though you were seriously lacking in sleep and you had to work in the morning.  You did it all with me, and I’m so appreciative for that.

Thank you for coming home early from your business trip last week when I truly needed your support.

I am so lucky to wake up every morning with you next to me.

I love you today and everyday from the bottom of my heart.

Happy 29th Birthday Craig!

Happy Birthday from Sadie

Dear Daddy,

I love when you squeeze my cheeks.

And when you turn into the tickle monster it’s the best!

You are the one who makes me giggle the loudest.

I hate saying goodbye when you leave for business trips..

But I do love our FaceTime together!

Sorry for wearing you out all the time…

Happy Birthday to my daddy!