our doppler has arrived!

We’ve heard our baby’s heartbeat 3 times so far – all ranging between 158-161 beats per minute. A very healthy heartbeat for a baby (according to our doctor!) But it’s the weeks in between our doctors appointments that I anxiously wait until the next appointment to again hear our baby’s heartbeat. At this point in my pregnancy, I can’t feel my baby move – even though I saw on the last ultrasound that he/she is moving & grooving. The only reassurance I receive that everything is A-OK is when I hear baby B’s heartbeat. So call me crazy, which some might, but if I could hear this heartbeat everyday that would be amazing. Okay, maybe not everyday, but at least once a week. Well it just so happens that you can rent a fetal doppler for use at home. It’s approved by the FDA and completely safe. The renting option makes sense since it would be a large investment for a short period of use if you were to buy, but renting one costs only $39 a month, which according to my pregnancy brain – is worth it for the peace of mind! And what better way to let friends & family in on our pregnancy journey than for you to be able to hear baby Becher’s heartbeat too?!

baby beat fetal doppler

Click the link below to hear a short clip of baby Becher’s heartbeat at 13 weeks, 165 (bpm)

Baby Becher’s Heart Beat

Pretty incredible, right? ¬†Or maybe I’m just biased!