one year later

Last November, we found out that baby B was a girl {read about it here}. This November, we decided that the fact Sadie is now sitting up was a good excuse for a photo shoot of our baby girl.

It’s amazing what a difference one year makes!

one year later

Looking at these two photos – side by side – I am once again brought back to a place of missing my mom. I remember so clearly the day we found out the sex of Baby B. I wanted a daughter more than anything; I wanted a daughter so I could be the mom that I just lost. Of course I would have been happy with a boy, but words could not describe how thrilled I was that we were having a baby girl. And now, one year later, looking at a photo of us with our precious daughter, it brings tears to my eyes. I came across this quote, “Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers” and it really struck a chord with me. Even though I don’t have my mom here with me, I appreciate and respect the woman {and the mother} that she was in a whole new level now that I am a mother.

Thank you to Heather Finnocchiaro of Bella Fino Photography for capturing these moments for us to cherish last year, this year, and forever.

we are thrilled to be having a baby girl

Having a healthy baby is obviously most important, but we’re very happy that baby Becher is a girl! We’re excited about having a daughter for many reasons and there’s one reason in particular that is closest to my heart:

A few days before my mom died I was not aware that I was already pregnant, but I did hope for a baby in the very near future. I knew that my mom would soon pass away and that she would never meet her grandchildren. It hurt so much knowing that she was going to be robbed of the joy that comes with being a Grandmother and the chance to spoil her grandkids. I decided then to share with her the names that we had chosen if we were to have a baby girl and a baby boy, and I thought it would be special to write letters to them from their Grandma Jane. I would keep these letters in a safe place until the appropriate time to give to my kids(s). We started with the set of letters to her granddaughter; one for her 5th birthday, her bat-mitzvah, her 16th birthday, and her wedding. And even though the tears were flowing from my eyes as we wrote the letters, it was something that I felt was very special to do; not only for my kids but also for my mom. Sadly, my mom died before we were able to write the letters to her grandson. And as I’ve shared in my previous how we found out blog post, we learned that I was pregnant the day after my mom died. So as it turns out, when my mom and I wrote these letters to her granddaughter, I was actually pregnant with her. I would have been just as happy if baby Becher was a boy, but now that we know she is a girl, it makes everything even more special. I can’t wait to share with my daughter the first letter on her 5th birthday – one of the many milestones that my mom won’t physically be there for – but she will know from the letters just how much her Grandma Jane would have LOVED to be there and that she is watching over her from above.

Thank you to Heather Finnocchiaro of Bella Fino Photography  for the photos, taken just a few minutes after we found out the sex of our baby!

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