meeting our nephew

In late August we traveled to Canada to meet our new nephew, Yitzi Haber.

Craig’s sister – Carly – and her new baby:

Because of him, we are now an Aunt & Uncle, which is indescribable until you are one. Suddenly, we have this new role to add to our many others (wife, husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson, cousin,…and now AUNT & UNCLE!) We are thrilled for Carly & Sean as they embark on their own journey in parenthood. As well as a big congratulations to Leslie & Steve on becoming Grandparents!!

These photos of Craig and I with baby Yitzi (which were posted on Facebook at the time) stirred up lots of talk about how natural Craig and I looked as parents, and lots of Craig’s parent’s friends commented to them that now maybe now Craig and Stacy will get the ball rolling on having a baby. If only everyone knew that we already had a bun cooking in the oven!

While in Canada, we also shared the news of our pregnancy with most of Craig’s side of the family as they were all in town for baby Yitzi’s bris. The last thing they all expected to hear from us was that we were pregnant, so it was fun to watch their reactions go from confusion (wait, baby becher, not baby haber?)–>surprise–>utter excitement! It was very special to be able to share this news in person.

We also put on our tourist hat and made a pit stop at Niagra Falls as we headed back to the airport. Of course we snapped a few “belly” shots too. Here’s one of my favorites, if you can’t tell, it was very windy..

No passport needed for baby becher YET, as we crossed back over the border, but soon to come!