mommy’s notes

Dear Sadie,

I started jotting down {almost daily, beginning when you were two weeks old} notes of this-and-that to remember everything you’ve been up to in your new life. You’ve been one busy baby! Today is August 23 and you are 18 weeks old, but let’s go back and see what you’ve been up to for the past 4 1/2 months…the little things, the milestones and daily nothings worthy of mommy jotting down in her journal.

{April 25} “…today was Sadie’s estimated due date – so glad we’ve had her now for just about 2 weeks – I can’t imagine delivering her today….tonight we are going to introduce the bottle (with breast milk)…”
{April 26} “…2 week check up today, 7 lbs 14 oz – right on target…also Sadie’s first baby friend – baby Cote – was born today…”
{April 27} “…Sadie slept for a 4 hour stretch! Maybe it was the wine I had at dinner, oops?!…Craig fed Sadie her bottle for the first time…”
{April 28} “…We found out the good news that Sadie is going to have 2 more cousins…twin cousins!…”
{April 29} “…Sadie was very calm and relaxed during her bath – best bath yet!”
{April 30} “…Bad night of sleeping…Sadie drank two bottles but still wanted to fall asleep by nursing, but mommy is tired…”
{May 1st} “…Sadie slept upstairs in her crib (in her nursery) for the first time all night and will be bottle fed (by Gale). We really need a good night sleep but will also miss not having her next to our bed…”
{May 2} “…Used pacifier today for the first time to help soothe and Sadie seemed to really like it. Tonight Craig is giving Sadie her first bath by himself…”
{May 3} “…Sadie is really taking to her pacifier and it’s helping a lot to soothe her…”
{May 4} “…Sadie loves to spend the mornings awake with her daddy…”
{May 5} “…1st tummy time on play-mat…”
{May 7} “…Sadie is back sleeping in our room for a night to give Gale some much needed rest…”
{May 8} “…Craig left for his first business trip since Sadie was born — Sadie is very fussy today and is staying awake and alert longer…”
{May 9} “…Sadie had her first major meltdown, after her bath, she was over tired and really hungry. She wanted to eat but was too tired and wanted to sleep as well. It was a mess of screaming and tears. Gale was able to soothe her finally with the noise of running water…”
{May 10} “…I took Sadie out by myself for the first time today – we went to the gym so my trainer could meet her – it felt great to have her out alone! She also nursed today for 40 minutes, that’s the longest so far…”
{May 11} “…The first of five days without Gale while she’s off… Craig and I took Sadie to Whole Foods and the Mall…”
{May 12} “…I woke up Mother’s Day morning with Sadie sleeping in the bed with me 🙂 We had brunch together – bittersweet day for mommy…”
{May 13} “…Daddy has become a pro at bath time and Sadie doesn’t even fuss anymore during it, except when he almost burnt her!…”
{May 15} “…Sadie spent almost all morning sleeping while I wore her around the house in the Ergo baby…”
{May 16} “…Sadie slept from 8pm – 1am, she slept through the last night feeding!…”
{May 17} “…We are trying to start Sadie on a 3 hour eating schedule but it doesn’t seem like she’s getting enough while nursing to be able to last 3 hours. We’re considering introducing formula to supplement the feedings…”
{May 18} “…We had dinner out with friends for the first time and I really missed being away from Sadie…”
{May 19} “…We have started to use a sleep sack to keep Sadie warm when she sleeps, because she doesn’t like the swaddle and wants her arms out…”
{May 20} “…Introduced formula for one feeding to see if it helped hold Sadie over longer – made me feel really guilty for not nursing that feeding –also there is a rash on Sadie’s face that seems to be getting worse so we’re going to see the doctor…”
{May 21} “…Craig left for a week long business trip – so precious when he hugged Sadie goodbye — I’m noticing while in her swing that Sadie is looking up and interacting with the mirror and mobile…”
{May 25} “…Sadie had a really rough night sleep and was up almost every hour…”
{May 26} “…Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visited…”
{May 27} “…1st playdate with baby Bryant…”
{May 28} “…Sadie had a really good day today because she took a lot of naps!…”
{June 1} “…We spent our first 24 hours away from the baby — went to Ferrington House for our 2 year wedding anniversary…”
{June 4} “…Sadie started following us with her eyes/head – very exciting!…”
{June 5} “…My milk supply seems to be decreasing so Sadie is going to sleep in our room for a few nights to see if that helps…”
{June 6} “…Ultrasound appointment to check Sadie’s hips since she was breeched, all is good…”
{June 7-13} “…Great Grandma Martha,Poppy Steve, Grandma Leslie, Aunt Carly, Uncle Sean, and Cousin Yitzy all in town visiting baby Sadie…”
{June 15} “…We took Sadie in the pool for the first time, she loved it, I think she thought it was a bath…”
{June 16} “…Father’s Day Brunch in Durham at the Washington Duke Inn…”
{June 17} “…Cardiologist appointment to check the hole in Sadie’s heart…” {you can read more about that here}
{June 22} “…We spent the morning/afternoon in Greensboro visiting Great Grandma Doris, Great Aunt Susan, Cousin Laurie and baby Elle…”
{June 23} “…Sadie is really starting to coo and giggle, especially when her lower lip is touched, she loves that!…”
{June 28} “…First time in “big girl” portion of stroller – also took Sadie’s first weekend trip for Rae and Zack’s wedding in Maryland. Sadie did great especially on the car ride back when she slept for 6 hours. While at the hotel, the crib we rented was very low, we learned our lesson to always bring pack & play…”
{June 30} “…Sadie is really holding her head up and can do it for an extended period of time — love to have her lower lip touched especially if you are wiping her mouth with her bib — she loves watching TV (Gale says its the bright colors) — She naps more now but in her swing and not as much in her crib…”
{July 1} “…Sadie has started grabbing onto clothes and blankets and bringing it up to her face, and giggles while doing it…”
{July 2} “…Last night in her “whale” newborn tub…” (click here to see this post)
{July 3} “…Sadie started taking her first steps…supported of course!…”
{July 4} “…Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visited for the weekend — Sadie has started sucking her thumb…”
{July 8} “…Sadie spit up, like REALLY spit up, for the first time today. I think she gagged herself a little on the bottle nipple…”
{July 9} “…We’ve been trying to get Sadie on a 10am-12pm, 2pm-4pm nap routine, but it’s hard because some days she sleeps better than others. She usually always takes a power nap sometimes between 8am-9am. We’ve moved her bath time to 6:30pm to help avoid the nightly meltdowns…”
{July 11-15} “…First beach trip with Sadie – we went to Sanderiling Resort — took Sadie on the beach 2 times. She did great and literally slept like a baby. It was so peaceful to sit there on the beach under the shade and have her sleep in my arms. I had a really bad cold at the start of the beach trip so I tried not handling her as much as I could but it was really hard not to, especially after bath-time. I love my time with Sadie after bath when I give her a bottle (or nurse her) and then rock her to sleep and I miss it when I don’t get to. Traveling with baby is def. more of a production that I imagined but we will get better each time! We rented a bigger car just to be able to fit all of our stuff. Also, Sadie has started sleeping from 8pm – 5am without waking to eat, then she eats and back to sleep until 7am. She’s sleeping about 8 hours straight – which is wonderful!…”
{July 16} “…Sadie slept in our room to give Gale a little break. After she slept past her normal 5am wakeup, I got up to check to see if she was still breathing! I couldn’t believe that she basically slept ALL through the night!
{July 19} “…Gale left for 5 days for New York, and each day Sadie progressively got worse and worse (oops mommy!) — less napping and more fussy…”
{July 26} “…Sadie is now ticklish when her daddy tickles her on the changing table — naps are still inconsistent but now that Gale is back, she is at least napping more. Sadie doesn’t use the pacifier anymore but she LOVES sucking her thumbs and her fingers to soothe herself. She is perfect about going down to sleep in her crib at night…”
{July 29} “…Craig left for business trip but Sadie loved talking to him over FaceTime. You could really see that she was watching the screen, it was adorable…”
{August 5} “…Carried Sadie in the baby Bjorn for the first time…she loved it because she was facing out so she could see everything…”
{August 8} “…Sadie now drinks 8oz of formula before she goes to bed! She sleeps until 6am and then has a bottle of breast milk, and then back to sleep until 8am – Sadie loves her green baby pod chair because she loves to sit upright…”
{August 9} “…Sadie met her Uncle Jason, Aunt Amy, and cousin baby Tyler for the first time…”
{August 10} “…Sadie’s Hebrew Baby Naming Ceremony!…” (read more about it here)
{August 11} “…We took Sadie to Greensboro for my mom’s grave-marker unveiling. Sadie basically did not have a chance to nap all morning or afternoon and she did so good! Even though it was a bitter sweet day, she made her mommy very proud!…”
{August 12} “…Topsail Island Beach Vacation…” (read more about it here)
{August 16} “…Sadie has become more interactive – it’s so much fun! She still loves being carried in my arms upright. She could be fine like that for hours at a time if I let her!…”
{August 17} “…Started using the bouncer excersaucer – she can’t quite touch the floor but we put foam mat underneath so she can push herself off. She loves to watch colorful music videos (especially giggle bellies) on the Ipad.
{August 19} “…Sadie had her 4 month check-up today..she’s 15 lbs and 4 oz and 25.5 inches long – which is the 99th percentile for height! She had shots but only cried for a few seconds…”
{August 20} “…1st taste of solid food – homemade applesauce – Sadie was not impressed and made a really funny face each time she tasted it on the spoon…”

Phew, that’s a lot! You’ve been quite a busy girl and I’m so glad I’ve documented all of these little things for you to one day read about. And don’t worry the jotting down notes will continue…..