my pregnancy buddies

As I mentioned in my WEEK 16 post, two of my girlfriends are also pregnant and both are due within 2 weeks of baby Becher. Susan, who I’ve been friends with since elementary school, is expecting her second baby. And even though she lives in Virginia, it’s been very comforting to have her as my text/email/phone (long-distance) pregnant buddy. Lindsey, who I met a year ago (when I first moved to NC) through her brother who I went to high school with, has since become one of my best friends in the Raleigh area. She is also expecting her second baby, and since we just so happen to live around the corner from each other, we go to the same OBGYN and our babies will both be delivered at WakeMed.

Lindsey came over this week (with her adorable 2 year old son, Dylan) to try out our at-home-doppler (baby Cote’s heartbeat is a healthy 147 bpm!) and to watch The Business of Being Born, a documentary series that has definitely shed some light and opened my eyes to the different choices and routes taken during labor. I highly recommend watching this if you are pregnant.

And of course, we couldn’t resist taking a baby bump photo of us together!

Stacy at 26 weeks, Lindsey at 24 weeks

How cute is this little boy? Baby Becher’s closet is filled with just about anything & everything related to baby. {I’m waiting (and hoping) for this so-called nesting phase to kick in so I can organize it!} Anyway, there’s a small chair stored in her closet, which was handmade by my grandmother and then given to my mom, and now will be passed down to baby Becher. Dylan went in the closet, found a book among the mess, and plopped himself down in the chair — so precious!

Lindsey is in trouble if baby boy Cote is even half as cute as his big brother – it’s hard to say no to this face!

Dylan checking out the “Beeeees!”