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59 weeks


Sadie {month 13}





Happy Birthday Sadie


Dear Sadie,

One year ago, shortly after 4:20am, I heard your sweet cry for the first time.

Right then and there my life changed.

One year ago, I spent the night staring at your precious face.
One year ago, we became a family of three.

Without a doubt, this past year has been the best year of my life.

Because of you, I am a mom.
Because of you, I know the deepest meaning of love.
Because of you, I strive to be the best I can be.
Because of you, I feel complete.

It’s amazing to see how much you have grown over the past year.

You went from an ittty bitty squishy 7 pound baby to an {almost} walking and talking 1 year old.
You went from sleeping away the day snuggled in your swing, to climbing on me like I’m a jungle gym.
You went from barely noticing objects on your play-mat, to waving bye bye and giving high fives.
You went from baby babbling to saying “da” (for dog) whenever you see Zoe or Lilly.
You went from rolling – to sitting up – to crawling – to standing – to just about walking.
And in the blink of an eye, you went from being a newborn – to an infant – and now to a toddler.

You are such a happy girl – with a {gap toothed} smile that is so lovable.

And that laugh of yours… It’s contagious.

But my absolute favorite are Sadie hugs. I can’t get enough of them!

I made this video for you to look back on one day and enjoy watching moments {} from your first year of life as much as we’ve enjoyed spending them with you!

If the video doesn’t show up, you can view it by clicking here.

Happy 1st birthday, my sweet Sadie Jane!


Sadie {month 11}

week 41:


week 42:


week 43:


11 months:


sadie {month 10}

week 37:

37 weeks

week 38:

38 weeks

week 39:

39 weeks

10 months:

10 months

sadie {month 9}

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week 35:


9 months:


G-Y-M-B-O and GYMBO is his name-o

One of the best things that I recently started to do is bring Sadie to Gymboree class once a week. She’s in the youngest age group, but she’s a few months older than the other babies in her class. Once she can crawl we’ll move on up to the next age bracket where they move around a little more. But for now, Gymboree class is filled with music, bubbles, parachutes, and most important — Sadie’s smile!

Enjoy the video below complied from a few short videos that I snapped today throughout the class.

Sadie Gymboree from stacy black on Vimeo.

*** FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO RECEIVE MY BLOG VIA EMAIL — videos do not show up in the email format. But you can easily view the video by clicking here.

{almost} 8 months old

My dear {almost} 8 months old sadie,

I’m a little behind on this post, but here’s what’s been going on in your life Sadie Jane —

I decided months ago that I wanted to dress you up as a toy poodle for halloween. I found the perfect costume for you to become our 3rd poodle… and you rocked it!

This month you started Gymboree class on Tuesday afternoons. You love it, especially when the bubbles come out…

You welcomed twin baby boy cousins {from afar}…

Mazel Tov to your Aunt Carly and Uncle Sean!

You understand “clap your hands” and you be a clappin’!

Sadie claps her hands! from stacy black on Vimeo.

If the above video does not play, you can view it by clicking this link:

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving..

AND your first Channukah!

It’s hard to believe this was one year ago. {click here}

You also battled your first cold this month…and you managed to pass it on to me. I guess I should get used to that happening from now on 🙂

I can’t believe you will be 8 months old TOMORROW! It just gets better everyday…!

our family {November 2013}

Thank you to Heather of Bella Fino Photography for capturing our family on what was a beautiful November day in North Carolina!

one year later

Last November, we found out that baby B was a girl {read about it here}. This November, we decided that the fact Sadie is now sitting up was a good excuse for a photo shoot of our baby girl.

It’s amazing what a difference one year makes!

one year later

Looking at these two photos – side by side – I am once again brought back to a place of missing my mom. I remember so clearly the day we found out the sex of Baby B. I wanted a daughter more than anything; I wanted a daughter so I could be the mom that I just lost. Of course I would have been happy with a boy, but words could not describe how thrilled I was that we were having a baby girl. And now, one year later, looking at a photo of us with our precious daughter, it brings tears to my eyes. I came across this quote, “Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers” and it really struck a chord with me. Even though I don’t have my mom here with me, I appreciate and respect the woman {and the mother} that she was in a whole new level now that I am a mother.

Thank you to Heather Finnocchiaro of Bella Fino Photography for capturing these moments for us to cherish last year, this year, and forever.

Sadie {month 7}

week 25:

week 26:

week 27:

7 months:

{almost} 7 months old

my sweet Sadie baby, you are almost 7 months old.

You have 2 bottom teeth popping through your gums, and most certainly causing you a lot of pain!

You are sitting up on your own.

You’re interacting with your toys and passing objects from hand-to-hand.

You roll and roll and roll.

— if the video above doesn’t play, you can view it by clicking this link:

We’ve lowered your crib because you were grabbing at your mobile.

You look like an angel when you’re sleeping.

This month you’ve been loving your walker (video below is in SLOW MO {and super funny!} courtesy of Aunt Cam)..

— if the video above doesn’t play, you can view it by clicking this link:

You love to jump, jump, jump, in your jolly jumper.

— if the video above doesn’t play, you can view it by clicking this link:

You’ve excelled from playing the piano with your feet to your hands!

You are wearing 12 month size clothes — all of your little “newborn” clothes are {sadly} stored away.

You blow spit bubbles.

You love yogurt – blueberry, vanilla, and banana are your favorite flavors.

You {attempt to} drink water from a cup.

— if the video above doesn’t play, you can view it by clicking this link:

You’re weighing in at 19.4 pounds and you’re 28 inches long.

You still love your bath-time {“you hear the water running, you see the bubbles bubbling”….as daddy sings the bath song!} and now you play with toys in the bath.

This month you took your first flight {ever} to NJ and visited with your Grandma Leslie, Poppy Steve, Uncle Jason, Aunt Amy, and cousin Tyler.

You are my {almost} 7 month old sunshine Sadie Jane, my only sunshine!

guess who is sitting up all by herself?!

the first 6 months…and now a sense of calm

A good friend of mine just had a baby a few weeks ago and her text messages to me bring back so many memories of the first month.  The constant feedings, no sleep…..  and in my opinion it didn’t get easier after the first month.  But now that Sadie has reached 6 months, there’s a calmness in our house.   Sadie sleeps from 6:30/7pm – 6:30/7am.   But she’s been sleeping through the night since 3 months old!  This new calmness that I’m feeling is during her awake hours…   she’s sitting up on her own, playing with toys, interacting with her surroundings, and just more enjoyable to be around.  What I used to refer to as “hard work” is now the times I love the most during the day…. hanging out with my giggly 6 month old.  I have no idea what is to come around the corner — 7 months old could bring terror — but for now I’m pleasantly calm after making it through the first 6 months.


Sadie {month 6}

week 21:

week 22:

week 23:

6 months:

{almost} 6 months old

Sadie means princess.

Sadie, you are my little {almost} 6 months old princess.

You love to watch The Giggle Bellies.   You Are MY Sunshine. Bumble Bee.  ABC superstar.  Colors of the Rainbow.  You name it, if it’s The Giggle Bellies, you love it!


You wear two piece PJs now, and mommy thinks you look cute-as-can-be!

You are teething, but find little relief from your teething ring 🙁

But even though you’re teething, you still love to giggle and smile!

You’ve figured out how to turn from your back onto your stomach and cool tricks like getting from this position…

to this position…

all on your own!

I can’t believe you are almost 6 months — we’ve almost spent half a year with our little princess!!!!

some thoughts on this beautiful day for my beautiful daughter

You are dressed in black and white miss Sadie (mommy’s favorite colors) but you are far from black & white, you are full of color!  You love to gab and jibber jabber; there’s hardly a moment when you’re not speaking baby language.  And your smile warms my heart each and every day.



My favorite part of the evening is our special time together after your bath.  I hold you in my arms and together we softly sway as I rock you to sleep.  You are usually asleep within 20 minutes, but I rock you for much longer, and I just watch you — my beautiful daughter.  It’s our time together — our special time — and I will cherish these {baby} moments as I know they won’t last forever.

And on that note, a special prayer for my Sadie Jane…

I hold you in my arms
And together we softly sway
As I rock you to sleep
And this is what I pray:

I pray for your safety
Your health and happiness, too
I ask God to wrap you in his love
In Everything You do

I pray you’ll never know
A single ounce of pain
That you carry no burden
And that you smile through the rain

I pray you have the will
To make all your dreams come true
And that you find success
In all you set out to do

I pray for your future
One that I hope is bright
And if you have the choice
To always do what’s right

I pray you have peace
And love inside your heart
Not just for yourself
But for those less fortunate than you are

I pray you grow into a person
Who values those you love
And that loyalty and honesty
Are not just things you speak of

I pray so many things for you
Because I love you so
You are a little piece of me
My heart and my soul


Sadie {month 5}

week 17:

week 18:

week 19:

5 months:

bathing baby beauty

Hard life this little bathing beauty has…she spent the day {or more like 1 hour} poolside!

{almost} 5 months

My dear Sadie Jane… you are {almost} 5 months and you are quite the fussy baby these days!

But when you aren’t being Miss Fuss — you are sleeping through the night, napping twice a day, and starting to eat solids like a pro.

You LOVE to be carried around in your baby bjorn.

Your fingers….

…AND your toes…

…are always in your mouth….unless they are playing the piano!

You still could care less about your puppies, but they sure do love being around you.

You amaze me everyday and {almost} 5 months later and I still can’t believe how lucky I am that you are my daughter.

mommy’s notes

Dear Sadie,

I started jotting down {almost daily, beginning when you were two weeks old} notes of this-and-that to remember everything you’ve been up to in your new life. You’ve been one busy baby! Today is August 23 and you are 18 weeks old, but let’s go back and see what you’ve been up to for the past 4 1/2 months…the little things, the milestones and daily nothings worthy of mommy jotting down in her journal.

{April 25} “…today was Sadie’s estimated due date – so glad we’ve had her now for just about 2 weeks – I can’t imagine delivering her today….tonight we are going to introduce the bottle (with breast milk)…”
{April 26} “…2 week check up today, 7 lbs 14 oz – right on target…also Sadie’s first baby friend – baby Cote – was born today…”
{April 27} “…Sadie slept for a 4 hour stretch! Maybe it was the wine I had at dinner, oops?!…Craig fed Sadie her bottle for the first time…”
{April 28} “…We found out the good news that Sadie is going to have 2 more cousins…twin cousins!…”
{April 29} “…Sadie was very calm and relaxed during her bath – best bath yet!”
{April 30} “…Bad night of sleeping…Sadie drank two bottles but still wanted to fall asleep by nursing, but mommy is tired…”
{May 1st} “…Sadie slept upstairs in her crib (in her nursery) for the first time all night and will be bottle fed (by Gale). We really need a good night sleep but will also miss not having her next to our bed…”
{May 2} “…Used pacifier today for the first time to help soothe and Sadie seemed to really like it. Tonight Craig is giving Sadie her first bath by himself…”
{May 3} “…Sadie is really taking to her pacifier and it’s helping a lot to soothe her…”
{May 4} “…Sadie loves to spend the mornings awake with her daddy…”
{May 5} “…1st tummy time on play-mat…”
{May 7} “…Sadie is back sleeping in our room for a night to give Gale some much needed rest…”
{May 8} “…Craig left for his first business trip since Sadie was born — Sadie is very fussy today and is staying awake and alert longer…”
{May 9} “…Sadie had her first major meltdown, after her bath, she was over tired and really hungry. She wanted to eat but was too tired and wanted to sleep as well. It was a mess of screaming and tears. Gale was able to soothe her finally with the noise of running water…”
{May 10} “…I took Sadie out by myself for the first time today – we went to the gym so my trainer could meet her – it felt great to have her out alone! She also nursed today for 40 minutes, that’s the longest so far…”
{May 11} “…The first of five days without Gale while she’s off… Craig and I took Sadie to Whole Foods and the Mall…”
{May 12} “…I woke up Mother’s Day morning with Sadie sleeping in the bed with me 🙂 We had brunch together – bittersweet day for mommy…”
{May 13} “…Daddy has become a pro at bath time and Sadie doesn’t even fuss anymore during it, except when he almost burnt her!…”
{May 15} “…Sadie spent almost all morning sleeping while I wore her around the house in the Ergo baby…”
{May 16} “…Sadie slept from 8pm – 1am, she slept through the last night feeding!…”
{May 17} “…We are trying to start Sadie on a 3 hour eating schedule but it doesn’t seem like she’s getting enough while nursing to be able to last 3 hours. We’re considering introducing formula to supplement the feedings…”
{May 18} “…We had dinner out with friends for the first time and I really missed being away from Sadie…”
{May 19} “…We have started to use a sleep sack to keep Sadie warm when she sleeps, because she doesn’t like the swaddle and wants her arms out…”
{May 20} “…Introduced formula for one feeding to see if it helped hold Sadie over longer – made me feel really guilty for not nursing that feeding –also there is a rash on Sadie’s face that seems to be getting worse so we’re going to see the doctor…”
{May 21} “…Craig left for a week long business trip – so precious when he hugged Sadie goodbye — I’m noticing while in her swing that Sadie is looking up and interacting with the mirror and mobile…”
{May 25} “…Sadie had a really rough night sleep and was up almost every hour…”
{May 26} “…Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visited…”
{May 27} “…1st playdate with baby Bryant…”
{May 28} “…Sadie had a really good day today because she took a lot of naps!…”
{June 1} “…We spent our first 24 hours away from the baby — went to Ferrington House for our 2 year wedding anniversary…”
{June 4} “…Sadie started following us with her eyes/head – very exciting!…”
{June 5} “…My milk supply seems to be decreasing so Sadie is going to sleep in our room for a few nights to see if that helps…”
{June 6} “…Ultrasound appointment to check Sadie’s hips since she was breeched, all is good…”
{June 7-13} “…Great Grandma Martha,Poppy Steve, Grandma Leslie, Aunt Carly, Uncle Sean, and Cousin Yitzy all in town visiting baby Sadie…”
{June 15} “…We took Sadie in the pool for the first time, she loved it, I think she thought it was a bath…”
{June 16} “…Father’s Day Brunch in Durham at the Washington Duke Inn…”
{June 17} “…Cardiologist appointment to check the hole in Sadie’s heart…” {you can read more about that here}
{June 22} “…We spent the morning/afternoon in Greensboro visiting Great Grandma Doris, Great Aunt Susan, Cousin Laurie and baby Elle…”
{June 23} “…Sadie is really starting to coo and giggle, especially when her lower lip is touched, she loves that!…”
{June 28} “…First time in “big girl” portion of stroller – also took Sadie’s first weekend trip for Rae and Zack’s wedding in Maryland. Sadie did great especially on the car ride back when she slept for 6 hours. While at the hotel, the crib we rented was very low, we learned our lesson to always bring pack & play…”
{June 30} “…Sadie is really holding her head up and can do it for an extended period of time — love to have her lower lip touched especially if you are wiping her mouth with her bib — she loves watching TV (Gale says its the bright colors) — She naps more now but in her swing and not as much in her crib…”
{July 1} “…Sadie has started grabbing onto clothes and blankets and bringing it up to her face, and giggles while doing it…”
{July 2} “…Last night in her “whale” newborn tub…” (click here to see this post)
{July 3} “…Sadie started taking her first steps…supported of course!…”
{July 4} “…Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visited for the weekend — Sadie has started sucking her thumb…”
{July 8} “…Sadie spit up, like REALLY spit up, for the first time today. I think she gagged herself a little on the bottle nipple…”
{July 9} “…We’ve been trying to get Sadie on a 10am-12pm, 2pm-4pm nap routine, but it’s hard because some days she sleeps better than others. She usually always takes a power nap sometimes between 8am-9am. We’ve moved her bath time to 6:30pm to help avoid the nightly meltdowns…”
{July 11-15} “…First beach trip with Sadie – we went to Sanderiling Resort — took Sadie on the beach 2 times. She did great and literally slept like a baby. It was so peaceful to sit there on the beach under the shade and have her sleep in my arms. I had a really bad cold at the start of the beach trip so I tried not handling her as much as I could but it was really hard not to, especially after bath-time. I love my time with Sadie after bath when I give her a bottle (or nurse her) and then rock her to sleep and I miss it when I don’t get to. Traveling with baby is def. more of a production that I imagined but we will get better each time! We rented a bigger car just to be able to fit all of our stuff. Also, Sadie has started sleeping from 8pm – 5am without waking to eat, then she eats and back to sleep until 7am. She’s sleeping about 8 hours straight – which is wonderful!…”
{July 16} “…Sadie slept in our room to give Gale a little break. After she slept past her normal 5am wakeup, I got up to check to see if she was still breathing! I couldn’t believe that she basically slept ALL through the night!
{July 19} “…Gale left for 5 days for New York, and each day Sadie progressively got worse and worse (oops mommy!) — less napping and more fussy…”
{July 26} “…Sadie is now ticklish when her daddy tickles her on the changing table — naps are still inconsistent but now that Gale is back, she is at least napping more. Sadie doesn’t use the pacifier anymore but she LOVES sucking her thumbs and her fingers to soothe herself. She is perfect about going down to sleep in her crib at night…”
{July 29} “…Craig left for business trip but Sadie loved talking to him over FaceTime. You could really see that she was watching the screen, it was adorable…”
{August 5} “…Carried Sadie in the baby Bjorn for the first time…she loved it because she was facing out so she could see everything…”
{August 8} “…Sadie now drinks 8oz of formula before she goes to bed! She sleeps until 6am and then has a bottle of breast milk, and then back to sleep until 8am – Sadie loves her green baby pod chair because she loves to sit upright…”
{August 9} “…Sadie met her Uncle Jason, Aunt Amy, and cousin baby Tyler for the first time…”
{August 10} “…Sadie’s Hebrew Baby Naming Ceremony!…” (read more about it here)
{August 11} “…We took Sadie to Greensboro for my mom’s grave-marker unveiling. Sadie basically did not have a chance to nap all morning or afternoon and she did so good! Even though it was a bitter sweet day, she made her mommy very proud!…”
{August 12} “…Topsail Island Beach Vacation…” (read more about it here)
{August 16} “…Sadie has become more interactive – it’s so much fun! She still loves being carried in my arms upright. She could be fine like that for hours at a time if I let her!…”
{August 17} “…Started using the bouncer excersaucer – she can’t quite touch the floor but we put foam mat underneath so she can push herself off. She loves to watch colorful music videos (especially giggle bellies) on the Ipad.
{August 19} “…Sadie had her 4 month check-up today..she’s 15 lbs and 4 oz and 25.5 inches long – which is the 99th percentile for height! She had shots but only cried for a few seconds…”
{August 20} “…1st taste of solid food – homemade applesauce – Sadie was not impressed and made a really funny face each time she tasted it on the spoon…”

Phew, that’s a lot! You’ve been quite a busy girl and I’m so glad I’ve documented all of these little things for you to one day read about. And don’t worry the jotting down notes will continue…..



my little munchkin

This little munchkin butt {as I like to call her} has stolen every little piece of my heart.

Sadie’s first solid foods

Sadie baby, today mommy woke up extra early so she could make you homemade applesauce for your first taste of solid foods. You were not impressed.

Here’s to trying again tomorrow!

my TALL baby girl

Today we took Sadie to the pediatrician for her 4 month {and 1 week} check-up.

She is 15 lbs 14 oz, and is 25.5 inches long. I know that she is a big baby, but I did not realize just how tall she is… Sadie is in the 99th percentile for height!

As we were checking out, I saw a young couple bringing in their brand new baby, just a few days old. I couldn’t believe how small the baby looked; it’s crazy knowing that was Sadie just a few months ago. The first 4 months have flown by..and I know time is just going to keep on flying. Before we know it, we’ll be bringing Sadie in for her 4 year check-up!

But for now, I’m loving my 4 month {and 1 week} old baby girl.

Sadie is such a cuddle bug these days, and she loves to burry her head in my neck nook.

She also loves her new found entertainment – her bouncer. And mommy loves that it distracts her for a good 15 minutes at a time.

Or plop Sadie in her bright green floor chair and turn on giggle bellies and she’s in heaven.

And what’s in store for Sadie baby tomorrow? We’re introducing solids….


slideshow fun

During Sadie’s baby naming party, we played an ongoing slideshow on our TV’s for a little entertainment while everyone was mingling.  These pictures aren’t new, and if you’ve been following this blog, then you’ve probably seen almost all of them.  But the slideshow was worthy of a post of it’s own, for Sadie to have to watch one day!

Sadie Baby Naming Slideshow Video from stacy black on Vimeo.

If the video doesn’t show up, you can view it by going to this link:

our {not-so} beach vacation

While I was pregnant, Craig and I attended a charity event which had a raffle prize of a vacation at this beautiful NC beach house:

I never win anything, I mean NEVER, but guess who won the beach house trip? This {then} pregnant lady!

And so this past week, we “cashed-in” on my once in a lifetime win, along with Nana Sheila and Grandpa Mark, and headed to Topsail Island for what we thought would be 5 days of fun in the sun.

But thanks to the rainy summer we’ve been having here in NC, it turned into only 1 day of fun in the sun…



….which included Sadie’s first “feet in the ocean” experience…. [thanks Scott and Cam for the adorable water shoes!]

and 4 days of a {not-so} sunny beach vacation; but fun nonetheless!

We spent almost all of our time rocking and relaxing on the breezy back and front porches of the house, enjoying the views and the company.

But there’s only so much day-drinking and porch rocking that one can do on a beach-vacation-turned-{not-so}-beach-vacation; thank goodness we had Sadie there to keep us ALL entertained!

And don’t worry, Sadie had plenty of relaxation on her {not-so} beach vacation…

Simcha Chaya {Sadie’s Hebrew Naming}

This past weekend we had a Hebrew baby naming ceremony for Sadie at our home with close friends and family. The ceremony was very special as Sadie is named in honor and in memory of my grandfather and my mom. Sadie impressed her mommy so much as she was on her best behavior…not one bit of fussiness from her! And at the end of the ceremony, when the Rabbi blessed Sadie, she looked right in her eyes…. the Rabbi said in 25 years she has never had a baby look directly at her during the blessing. It was precious… my heart melted!

We have given Sadie the hebrew name Simcha Chaya in honor and in memory of her great-grandfather Stanley and her grandmother Jane. In the jewish religion, it is believed that a child will be inspired in her life by the good qualities of the loved ones for whom she is named. Craig and I can’t imagine two people whose lives were better suited for our daughter to emulate.

Simcha means joy. My grandfather Stanley had a special gift of bringing joy to those closest to him and to those he never met. He accomplished great things in his life, but he never lost site of what was most important to him: his family. When Sadie learns about her great-grandfather, she will know him as I knew him, as my Poppy. I will tell her about his morning wakeup calls, our monthly lunch dates, and the dozen roses he would send me every valentines day. She will learn about his giving nature and the difference he made in so many people’s lives, which in turn brought joy back to his life. Well, that and chocolate chip cookies. I will never forget what I was told by an employee of my Grandfather several years ago. She said that “if I could come back in my next life as anyone, I would want to come back as Stanley Tanger’s grand-daughter.” Her words have always stuck with me, and I know just how lucky I am to have been able to call him my Poppy. And even though Sadie will never get to meet him, she will learn about all of his good qualities and will one day realize how lucky she is to be his great-granddaughter. And with the name Simcha, we hope she will give joy to others and receive joy from them.

Chaya means life. My mom was given this hebrew name after she overcame two brain tumors when she was a small child. Her will to live was present then and everyday thereafter, as she never stopped pushing through challenges that came her way, all with a positive attitude. Her zest for life was truly contagious! And as today we celebrate the life of our new daughter, it’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago we were mourning my mom’s death. The biggest challenge that I had to face while I was pregnant and throughout the past 4 months of being a new mom, is the loss I feel on a daily basis of not having my mom here with me. And what hurts even more is knowing that my precious daughter will never have the opportunity to meet her. She will feel her presence though, as my mom’s memory will always be kept alive; she will always know who her Grandma Jane was and just how much she would have loved her. And as it is also believed in the Jewish religion that the soul of a loved one lives on in the child who now bears his or her name, I have faith that my mom’s soul lives on through her granddaughter, her namesake.

Our hope for Sadie Jane, through her hebrew name Simcha Chaya, is that she carries a piece of my grandfather and my mom in her heart, and most importantly, that she is able to find joy in her life.

You can watch (an unprofessional) video from the ceremony here:

Sadie’s Hebrew Baby Naming Ceremony from stacy black on Vimeo.

If the video doesn’t show up above, click this link to watch it:

Sadie {month 4}

13 weeks old:

14 weeks old:

15 weeks old:

4 months old:

almost 4 months old….some thoughts

Sadie you are just shy of 4 months old.
You are still such a newborn but you seem like such a big girl to your mommy. You love to suck your thumb and your fingers, and you sometimes do all that you can to get both of your hands into your mouth. To say you are always covered in saliva is an understatement. You love to be upright.
You no longer find comfort from the cradle hold; you don’t want to be rocked like a baby, you want to be held up like a big girl. You nap twice a day, but your nap time has a schedule of its own. You are little miss fussy when you don’t nap! You are still nursing, but you also have formula because you’re one hefty eater and mommy can’t keep up. Your smile melts my heart. You love the tickle monster (daddy) and you give him special giggles. You love your Gale, and mommy is so happy we have her to help. We have a special night time routine and mommy loves putting you to bed. And guess what? You now sleep “almost” through the night… if you consider 5am to be the morning! You love your swing, but only when it’s on the fastest setting. You could care less about your two puppies, but they like to sniff your toes. You have deep blue eyes, no clue where those came from, but let’s hope they stay. Your hair is always a mess, but you are still cute-as-can-be and I love you. love you. love you.
Sadie you are just shy of 4 months old, but to me you are nothing shy of perfect!

daddy love

Sadie {month 3}

9 weeks old:

10 weeks old:

11 weeks old:

3 months old:

Sadie {month 2}

5 weeks old:

6 weeks old:

7 weeks old:

2 months old:

Sadie {month 1}

1 week old:

2 weeks old:

3 weeks old:

1 month old:

4th of July with Grandpa and Nana

Sadie was fast asleep before any fireworks started, but she still enjoyed celebrating July 4th weekend with her special visitors: Grandpa (Mark) and Nana (Sheila)!

a {tiny} hole in sweet Sadie’s heart

We found out on day #2 in the hospital that our precious baby girl was born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD)….also known as a hole in the heart. Medically speaking, it’s a congenital heart defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the dividing wall between the main pumping chambers of the heart. We were relieved to learn that the size of Sadie’s VSD was very small AND that we did not need to worry about anything as long as she gained weight… WHICH SHE DID….and then the next step was to see a specialist after she turned 2 months.

So that’s exactly what we did. We did not worry (or even have time to worry) about the VSD, and before we knew it we were sitting in the waiting room {with our 2 month old Sadie} to see a pediatric cardiologist.

AND THEN… that’s when it hit me. Sadie has a hole in her heart.

The doctor took her blood pressure with the tiniest cuff I’ve ever seen:

Followed by an ultrasound of her heart that seemed to last forever. And sure enough, the hole was still there. It’s smaller, but it’s still there. The tears started flowing…and suddenly I felt as if I too had a hole in my heart.

But for now, there’s nothing that needs to be or can be done – and according to the doctor, the hole does not appear to impose any immediate risk. We will go back to the cardiologist again when Sadie turns 1 year old, and hopefully the hole will have closed up on its own by that point.

And if not…we will cross that bridge at the time.

splish splash {it’s time for the big girl tub}

It seems like just yesterday Sadie was [not-so-much] enjoying her first bath……and now 3 months later she has officially splish splashed her way through her newborn tub, and loved every minute of it.

Enjoy this slideshow of Sadie’s favorite time of the day… BATH TIME!!

…And now onto the big girl tub!

life {lately} with our Sadie baby

Once again I find myself {very} behind on updating this blog and I have a feeling that playing “blog post catch up” will become the new norm for me. Here’s a few photos – starting with the most recent ones – from life lately {June 2013} with our Sadie baby:

{early} morning smiles

For as long as I can remember, the snooze button has always been my best friend in the mornings. I always set my alarm for at least 1-2 hours before the actual time that I need to wake up —alarm goes snooze.sleep 15 minutes.alarm goes snooze.sleep 15 minutes……you get the point! I have never popped out of bed at the first sound of my alarm; that is until my alarm clock turned into early morning cooing and smiles.
It all starts about 5:40am, I wake up ON MY OWN (which I have NEVER in my life done before) and I patiently wait in bed until my “new” alarm goes off — sometimes it goes off at 6:05am, sometimes 6:40am, and even sometimes {as late as} 7:20am — and then this mamma pops out of bed like it’s no ones business! No snooze button needed when I get to wakeup to {early} morning smiles from this little one:

life with Sadie {the first 50 days}

On April 12th, 2013, life as we knew it ended and life with Sadie Jane began. So many special moments, so many firsts, so many emotions…. all happening at lighting speed. And every week I’ve wanted to write a new blog post to document everything for Sadie to be able to look back on one day AND to continue sharing our journey into parenthood with our friends and family. But I quickly realized that wanting to update my blog was one thing; finding the time to do so was another. I did, however, manage to jot down daily notes to use as memory triggers for when I eventually found the time to update this blog — but when I finally did have some free time – I wanted to share what was happening in the moment.

But how could I possibly start documenting for the first time about life with Sadie at 4 weeks old, when there were so many memories from the weeks prior.. so many moments that I worried would be forgotten if I didn’t write about them..

And soon 4 weeks of blog catch up turned into 5 weeks…6 weeks…and now 7 weeks. I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m not going to have the chance in the near future to sit down for hours and write about our life with Sadie thus far, so I’m compacting it all into this one post – with very little details but lots of photos! And then FINALLY I will be able to cross off “update blog for past weeks” from my to-do list, and hopefully start posting more “in the moment” moving forward.


her arrival on April 12, 2013 at 4:20am (read more about it here)

Craig meeting Sadie for the first time, about 20 minutes after her arrival

Before I was put “under” – the last thing I remember being told was that I will wake up and have a baby. About 45 minutes later, I woke up and held my little girl for the first time.

Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila arrived soon after to meet their first granddaughter / grandchild

The first day in the hospital… footprints, first bath

Grandma Leslie and Poppy Steve arrived to meet their first granddaughter

Sadie Jane surrounded with love by her grandparents

Ready to go home!

Lilly watching over her new baby sister from day one

First pediatrician visit

First stroll around the neighborhood with our baby girl

First “manicure”

First weekly photo, 1 week old!

meeting Great Grammy Doris

First bath at home

First time in her pack and play, snug as a bug

Mommy love

Cuddling with her baby nurse, Gale

2 weeks old!

Daddy feeding Sadie for the first time (bottle was introduced with breast milk at 2 weeks)

Craig giving Sadie a bath for the first time

3 weeks old!

First time on the playmate for tummy time

First craft project — Mother’s Day gift for Sadie’s Grandma Leslie and Nana Sheila

Someone likes to cuddle with her Mommy

Starting to interact with her swing

Goodbye kiss from daddy before he leaves for first business trip since she arrived

Lilly “sitting” guard

First time wearing Sadie

My first mother’s day – very bittersweet

1 month old!

First time chilling in her baby bjorn – which has now become a morning ritual

5 weeks old!

6 weeks old!

Grandpa Mark and Nana Sheila visit

Memorial Day play-day with Bryant – just a few months before they were both in the womb (remember this post?), now they are baby buddies

My little “big” girl…loving her at this 7 week old stage (it’s true that it just gets better everyday!)

Sadie is ready for the summer!

My beautiful Sadie Jane


birth plan..what birth plan?

My little Sadie, she came into this world with a bang! I had a plan…a very detailed birth plan. This included specifics such as: my doula and Craig to be in the room for the labor/delivery, receiving an epidural, delaying the chord cutting until blood was done pulsing, Craig to cut the chord, skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth. We attended a 2-day labor class and learned all about the different stages of labor and how to help mommy (and daddy) relax through the pain. But what caused me the most anxiety as her due date approached was the unknown of how it would all unfold. Where would I be when my water broke? Would my water even break on it’s own? How would I know if the contractions were real? How bad would the traffic be driving to the hospital? How much pain would I be in? Would I really have to push her out of me? Would the epidural take away all the pain? The questions were endless and the unknown was scary; but at the time the unknown consisted of many “knowns” – we just weren’t sure which of these “known” unknowns would come to fruition. Silly us for thinking we knew it all!

Our birth plan changed on April 11th, as we found out at my 38 week prenatal visit that Sadie was breeched (butt down). Since I was so far along, it didn’t make sense to attempt to turn her, which was unlikely to be successful but very likely to be painful. At this point, we scheduled at c-section for April 19th, when she would be 39 weeks. We called our parents that evening and shared the news. I spent the rest of the night grappling with the notion that my vision of how my labor/delivery would now consist of a c-section. This left me with a whole new set of questions and a little bit of sadness as well. But at the same time, we still had a plan, a planned c-section. That would all change a few hours later! I went to bed that evening with the intention of calling my doula in the morning to let her know we wouldn’t need to use her services since only Craig would be allowed in the room for the c-section, for our planned c-section. And then it happened, shortly after 1:30am, my water broke! The rest of the story is best told by my Doula, who documented everything starting with my call to her at 2am. Below is what she wrote:

Stacy called at 2:00a.m. And said that the baby was breach (butt was presenting) and her water had just broke. She was concerned that it was an emergency situation, but I explained to her that the baby was not coming out quickly and that she had time to shower and get herself ready to go to the hospital. She called back to say that they were heading to the hospital and I met them at 3:10a.m. In triage. Stacy seemed fine at first, but began having more intense contractions. At approx. 3:40, her nurse Kelly drew her blood and gave her an IV. Stacy became hot and felt faint during that procedure so we placed a cold washcloth on her forehead to cool her down. Her contractions became very intense and Kelly noticed the baby’s heart rate dipped so she had her roll to her left side. Kelly checked her cervix and the cord was prolapsed. The babies heart rate dipped and Kelly kept her hand on the baby to keep her off the cord. They rushed her back and put her under general anesthesia and proceeded with an emergency cesarean. Craig was not able to go with her. At 4:25 Kelly came in and told us that the baby girl was born 4:20a.m. Mom and baby were doing fine. She also said that the baby looked just like her daddy! At 4:40, one of the other nurses came and got Craig and myself and took us to see little Sadie Jane. She weighed 7lb. 5oz. and 20inches and her apgars were 9 and 9.

I think I will forever be in shock from the experience, but even more-so, I know I will forever be grateful to my nurse Kelly for saving our baby’s life. So even though we missed the birth of our daughter (since I was asleep and Craig wasn’t allowed in the room) – we have her here with us, and that’s all that matters.

And I will never again write another birth plan!

getting wheeled into the hospital, when it was calm before the storm

meeting Sadie for the first time

Baby Becher has arrived

We are SO excited to share that Sadie Jane was born on April 12th, at 4:20 AM, weighing in at 7lbs 5oz. I promise more pictures and updates to come once we’re back home and settled in with our baby girl Sadie!