10/18/12 – 10/24/12

This week I am officially in my second trimester-1 down 2 to go!  We traveled to New Jersey to visit Craigs parents and to celebrate my brothers (very) belated birthday. I also met with my Doula this week.

Doula, say what now?! No worries, I was the same way, absolutely no clue what a Doula was just a few months ago! And if I had to take a guess – I would have associated hiring a Doula with an in-home-no-drugs-all-natural-no-doctor type of birth, which is far from my birth plan!  I first was introduced to the Doula concept through my best-friend because her sister hired a Doula for her delivery.  Again, I continued to associate a Doula with the in-home-no-drugs-lots-of-pain route, since her sister wanted 90% of her labor to happen in her home and 100% to happen drug free.  There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s your cup of tea, but I’m more inclined to walk into the hospital with a shirt that reads “GIVE ME DRUGS”  or better yet, maybe I’ll make a shirt for Craig that reads “GIVE MY WIFE DRUGS, NOW!” ha ha.  I’ve digressed. Back to the Doula.  I changed my thinking about Doulas after Craig’s sister, Carly, highly recommended that I hire one after she had a Doula for her recent in-hospital-not-opposed-to-drugs birth.  I then researched Doulas in the Raleigh area through the DONA network and found Andrea Hall of Nurtured-Birth, who quickly put all of my beliefs about hiring a Doula to rest.  In a nut shell, my Doula will arrive at the hospital when I do and will be by my side throughout my entire labor to offer comfort & support, as well as help provide Craig direction in his role.

Next week, fingers crossed that our baby is turned the right direction, we will find out the sex of our little lime!