The highlight of this week {in the world of baby B} was on 12/7. We were watching CSI:NY (our typical Friday night TV) and the baby’s movement felt a little stronger to me, so I quickly told Craig to put his hand on my belly. And a few seconds later, he felt our baby kicking (or elbowing!)

I’m still trying to get used to the “special treatment” that comes along with being pregnant, or rather once a pregnant woman start looking pregnant. In my eyes (and Craig’s), I’ve been showing since week 8, so it still surprises me when now it’s obvious to strangers that I’m pregnant, since so many weeks went by without any acknowledgement. For example, this week I volunteered at the Bargain Box for the Junior League of Raleigh. While we (the volunteers) were getting instructions at the beginning of our shift, the sales associate training us stopped in the middle and looked towards me, as he said “if you need a seat to sit down, let me know” — and I was like “who, me?” It’s little things like this that are appreciated, but completely catch me off guard!

This week was a little harder emotionally than some of the others have been, as this week was Hanukkah and I couldn’t help but think about my mom as we lit the candles each night. She loved all of the Jewish holidays! I started going through some of the boxes that we now have in our house from my mom’s belongings in her house, and I came across a very special bracelet. It was my mom’s baby bracelet, given to her on January 2nd, 1951 by her aunt and uncle. I would have assumed it was my own baby bracelet, but it’s engraved with her name and birthday! I’m shocked that my mom still had this, but incredibly happy that I found it. I’m considering it a little Hanukkah gift from my mom in heaven for us to pass on to our daughter.