1/31/13 – 2/6/13

Baby Becher is now the size of a large butternut squash and she’s weighing in at 3 pounds! I started counting her kicks this week, which is important for me track on a daily basis because movement is one of the best signs of a baby’s well-being. Within a two hour window, I should feel her move (kick, elbow, twist, turn, etc..) at least 10 times. Although this usually happens within the first 15 minutes, as she is constantly on the move!

My baby shower was this week (see pictures here), and it was incredibly special to be surrounded by my friends and family! Thank you to everyone who literally showered me with gifts for baby Becher, but most of all – thank you for showering me with so much love!!

And how fun is this shirt that Craig’s mom made for him?