2/28/13 – 3/6/13

Baby Becher is now the size of a PINEAPPLE, and weighing in at 4.9 pounds.

This week we met with our doula – Andrea Hall from Nurtured Birth – to go over our *birth plan and what her role will be once I go into labor.  She will provide non-medical support and relaxation techniques, help maintain a calm and peaceful birth environment, document highlights from the labor and delivery, and stay with me for a few hours after delivery to make sure I’m comfortable and settled.  As the day gets closer, I’m getting more and more nervous about the actual labor & delivery, but knowing that we’ll have a doula with us calms my nerves just a little bit.

*during my search for “how to write a birth plan” – I came across a hilarious birth plan that you can read by clicking here [disclaimer: you will likely appreciate this humor more-so if you have been pregnant before and written a birth plan yourself, otherwise you might not find it funny at all.]

We also visited a 3rd pediatrician’s office this week, and 3rd times the charm!  Wake Forest Pediatrics meets all of the criteria we were considering in our selection, and we were impressed with the additional medical capabilities available within their practice.

I want to give a special thank you to my Junior League of Raleigh friends who threw me a surprise baby shower over the weekend…So much fun — thank you ladies!!