3/7/13 – 3/13/13

This week baby Becher is the size of a large cantaloupe! Week 34 = pain. I’ve started to experience sciatic nerve pain, which is absolutely horrible. I mean horrible! While the pain is periodic and only lasts a few seconds, it is by far the worst pain I’ve ever experienced (says the woman who hasn’t gone through labor yet!) The pain is caused by the baby resting on my sciatic nerve, and when it happens, it sends a jolt of nerve pain down my leg that literally takes me down to my knees. The best way to help alleviate the pain from coming on is to stay off my feet, which has limited me to staying on the couch pretty much all day (good thing I finished my last wedding over the weekend!). I’m not officially on bed rest because there is no harm/danger to the baby, but for the meantime, I’m staying off my feet as much as possible. On the other hand, Craig has been busy this week “on his feet” getting ready for baby..!