3/14/13 – 3/20/13

The sciatic nerve pain has continued this week and on some occasions has gotten worse. It’s the strangest pain to try and describe — when it happens, it’s horrible — when it’s not happening, I’m perfectly fine. I try my best to stay off my feet as the pain seems to only happen when I’m standing, but it’s not exactly easy to sit on my butt all day (although a part of me thinks I should enjoy this time that I have of doing nothing while I can!)

To add to the sciatic nerve pain, my blood pressure has also started to increase this week. Due to this, as a precaution, the doctor wants me to come in 2x a week for a non-stress test to be performed. The test is non-invasive, and involves attaching two monitors to my stomach for about 20 minutes, one which monitors fetal heart rate and one which monitors contractions.

I also attended a breastfeeding class this week. I fully intend on breastfeeding for as long as I can, but I realize it doesn’t always work out (for mom or for baby). With that said, I did learn some helpful tips during the class to make the process easier, such as to NOT introduce a pacifier or bottle for the first 4 weeks; and that it’s highly recommended that the baby feed on breast milk ONLY for the first 6 months to receive the most benefits from this liquid gold, as they call it!

We had a fun maternity photo session with Heather from Bella Fina Photography this week. You can see the photos by clicking here.

Only 2 more weeks until I’m full-term!!!