fun with the soon-to-be grandparents

My dad and step-mom {soon-to-be baby Becher’s Grandpa and Nana) were in town last weekend for the Duke vs. Maryland basketball game.  Of course, Duke won!

Going to this game is an annual tradition for the two of us, as Craig is a Maryland alum and I’m a Duke alum. I do have to admit that it felt a little strange to be back on the Duke campus and also be pregnant!

After the game I casually asked my dad and step-mom if they would like to feel the baby kick. You would not believe how fast they jumped up and moved over to where I was on the couch to get their hands on my belly! I’m so happy that Craig captured this picture-perfect moment:

Craig’s mom and dad {soon-to-be baby Becher’s Grandma and Poppy} were in town this weekend for my baby shower.  In response to one of my previous blog posts where I mentioned that Craig was feeling a little left out of the pregnancy process, they decided to throw him a mini-shower the night before the real one.  The pictures speak for themselves, Craig was all smiles while opening gifts for his little baby girl! (on a side note: the photo timestamp is off by 1 month)

We had such an enjoyable past 2 weekends with the grandparents-to-be!

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  1. i LOVE the pics with the hands on your belly. they are so sweet. and how nice of craig’s parents to throw him a mini-shower. you can tell the doggies don’t want to be left out!

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