1/3/13 – 1/9/13

Thank you so much to everyone for the thoughtful messages you sent me after my trip to the ER this week. I never know who is actually reading my updates and it truly meant so much to me when I received your encouraging support in response to my decision to have the CAT scan.

This week has been uneventful after Friday’s scare, and I’ve spent it resting up and trying to get rid of my lingering cold. Baby Becher is now the size of an eggplant and she’s a kicking machine. We can now see my stomach move (or pop out) when she kicks…it’s pretty entertaining, for us at least!

I have officially grown out of my baby bump weekly photo shirt and it has been retired! I thought I was safe with my Michael Star’s “one size fits all” shirt for the entire 40 weeks, but apparently one size does not actually fit all.

You probably didn’t notice the change in my shirt, but I’m sure you noticed something else that is different about this photo. After my visit to the ER, I decided that I deserved a little “treat”, so I bought myself a new toy – photoshop! It’s VERY complicated to learn and I have a long way to go, but since I had some extra time these past few days while I was resting up, I did manage to learn a few things; hence this week’s photo.

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  1. LOVE this bump picture! too cute!

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