2/14/13 – 2/20/13

This week we went back to school…labor & delivery school, that is! We attended a 2-day weekend intense labor and delivery education class at the hospital where our baby will be born. The class covered just about everything from the few days leading up to going into labor through the few days following the delivery, as well as a tour of the maternity ward. While some of the class was repetitive of things I already knew, there was definitely a wealth of information that was new to me (and Craig). For example, we weren’t aware of the benefits to the baby that come along with waiting to cut the umbilical cord until the blood stops flowing (which takes about 5 minutes) versus cutting it within the first few seconds. Also, I was already aware of the many positions (thanks to the Business of Being Born documentary) that a woman can be in to work with gravity while delivering her baby versus the position typically portrayed for giving birth. However, I thought that I was limited to the flat on my back position because I plan on getting an epidural, but I learned in the class about alternative position options that work even with an epidural. Those are just two examples of the many things we learned over the weekend and hopefully some of them will come in handy when it’s game time!

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  1. Cool stuff! I had no idea you could do anything other than the lithotomy position for a birth w/ epidural either. So cool to know the different options. Give me a call soon!

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